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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Million More in May Competition from BillionGraves

Here's the news from
Welcome to the 8th annual Million More in May Competition!
Spring is here in the northern hemisphere and that means we can get outside and take BillionGraves photos in the cemetery!
And as if the great weather wasn’t reason enough, we also have some fantastic prizes for you!
The BillionGraves Million More in May Competition is really a competition against yourself because EVERYONE can be a winner.
Just meet the requirements listed below and you will win one of the prizes offered for that tier! Yes, you read that right – EVERYONE THAT QUALIFIES WINS!
And the more you do, the bigger the prize! 
You will need to go to the website to see the different prize levels. Unfortunately for me, I live in a state where all (I mean ALL) of the graves have been digitized and uploaded to BillionGraves.


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