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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gravestone Cleaning Kits from BillionGraves

Here is an email from about gravestone cleaning kits. We get involved in cleaning gravestones from time to time and I appreciate both the idea and the method.
Gravestone cleaning can turn back the wheels of time to make your ancestor’s final resting place nearly as beautiful as the day their family members gathered there to wish them farewell. 
Time has been hard on gravestones that were originally considered nearly permanent. Weathering, erosion, neglect, and vandalism have all taken their toll.
BillionGraves has recently partnered with the gravestone preservation company Save Your Stones to provide you with the best tools for cleaning your family headstones. Cleaners used on gravestones should be the gentlest possible choice to get the job done. D/2 is a gentle biocide and very effective for headstones covered in biological growth – lichen, moss, fungi, algae, and plants. 
 D/2 Biological Solution was designed by conservators for conservators. It was successfully tested in a 6-year study. Finally, it was recognized as the official cleaner of the Department of Veteran Affairs National Cemetery Administration and specified to be used on U.S. military gravestones. 
We’re excited to announce that BillionGraves now has gravestone cleaning kits and D/2 available for you to purchase! 
The D/2 comes in a quart spray bottle, easy to use and enough to clean 12 medium size headstones! These kits contain all of the tools you need to safely and carefully clean all types of gravestones: D/2 Biological Solution, soft-bristled brushes, inscription picks and more.

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