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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wars, Plagues, and Catastrophes and Genealogy on BYU Family History Library YouTube Channel

Wars, Plagues, and Catastrophes and Genealogy

Just in case you think that I have been swallowed up into obscurity, I have finished another Brigham Young University Family History Library video. The BYU Family History Library continues to be extremely active in posting new videos. If you look at all that have been posted, you will see that there are twelve new videos in the last month.

I am not trying to compete with BYU but I now have reactivated my own YouTube Channel and I am posting an Exploring Genealogy Series. Here is the link to my YouTube Channel and of course, I am inviting everyone to subscribe. The number of subscriptions and views are the most important factors in any channel's visibility on YouTube. As genealogists, we can't compete with the really popular YouTube stars that get millions of views, but we can be noticed.

Thanks for watching and thanks for subscribing. Here is the link to my own Channel.

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