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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Check Out the Irish Genealogy Toolkit

The second largest percentage of national origin of people residing in the United States came from Ireland. Also, those Scots who migrated to Ireland make up one of the top fifteen immigrant groups. I just happen to be presently researching my Scots-Irish ancestors. I ran across an excellent website called the "Irish Genealogy Toolkit." by Claire Santry. I may have seen this website before, but since I am in the process of researching my Scots-Irish ancestry, it caught my interest. The website contains sections on getting started, census records, forms and charts, civil registration, church records, place of origin, land and property, Northern Ireland, Emigration and DNA Testing. I would have reproduced a few screenshots but the website contains a rather strict policy against "reproduction, distribution, republication, and/or retransmission or material."

It seems to me that there is always at least one more very interesting website every time I go looking for information about any area. I suggest this should be a lesson to all genealogists to follow my rule that there are always more records and I would add, no matter what you think you already know.

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