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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kindex updates

In anticipation of RootsTech 2017, several of the app developers are updating their programs. is a program designed to work with and act as a personal or family indexing program. Some of the new features added to are the following:
  • Search all transcribed content in your archive
  • Build your archive with records from your computer or Memories from FamilySearch
  • Share links to your records
  • Delete individual records or people from your list
In the near future, the following features will also be added.
  • Enhanced search tools
  • Tutorials and indexing helps
  • Multiple-page PDF management.
  • Record tagging
  • Ability to add Kindex records to FamilySearch
I am very interested in being able to transcribe and index personal records and will continue to follow the development of this useful program.  

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