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Friday, December 16, 2016

Incline Software Releases Ancestral Quest 15

Quoting from the press release of December 15, 2016:
Incline Software, LC, producer ofAncestral Quest™, premier family tree software for Windows and Mac, announced today the release of version 15. This new release provides exciting, easy to use new features, including the new TreeTips™ research assistant and Memories Manager, along with improvements to core screens that take better advantage of newer, higher resolution monitors.
The main features added to the Version 15 update are the Record Hints to,, and  One of the main draws for using Ancestral Quest is its support of those migrating from the old Personal Ancestral File program. As is shown above in the Incline Software startup screen, in 1999, with some strategic help from The Hope Foundation, Incline Software helped The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints develop its Windows version of Personal Ancestral File® (PAF).

I run the Mac version of Ancestral Quest and it runs under a built-in emulator program and is just like the Windows version. Here is a screenshot of a part of the pedigree view from my program.

Another major upgrade to the new version is the Memories Manager. Here is the description of the new features.
Many family historians have ancestral photos, documents, and stories to share with others, and have wished there was a quick, easy method of uploading these to FamilySearch, for the benefit of their extended family. Many researchers have found that distant cousins have shared such memories about their ancestors on FamilySearch, and they have wished there was an easy way to download these family treasures to their computer. AQ's new Memories Manager views the stories and scrapbook items users have collected in their local family tree, side-by-side with the memories for the same people in FamilySearch, then uploads or downloads memories with the click of a button. 
Some users need to store their scrapbook items offline, so that as they share their family tree records with others, the links to scrapbook items will not require them to also find a way to transfer the media files. AQ can link a scrapbook item not only to a file on their computer but also to a file stored on the Internet. Memories Manager provides a means of linking the scrapbook items in a user's file directly to the memories in FamilySearch, so it doesn't matter whether original files are transferred when sharing databases. This can be especially helpful to those who use AQ's Collaboration feature, which allows a team of researchers to work on one master file over the Internet, using Incline Software's proprietary NetFam™ Collaboration service, without having to worry about copying photographs and documents to multiple computers. 
For those who use a Family Tree software other than Ancestral Quest, who would like to more easily exchange memories with FamilySearch, they should consider getting a copy of AQ, using GEDCOM to bring their records into an AQ database, then use Memories Manager to easily exchange scrapbook items with FamilySearch. 
Learn more about Memories Manager by watching this short video.

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