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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Live Announcement from FamilySearch about RootsTech

This notice showed up on the Ambassador Facebook page for RootsTech 2019. They will be hosting a Facebook Live video next Tuesday, August 28th at 7 a.m. MDT (9 a.m. ET). I will miss the live video because we will already be working in the Maryland State Archives digitizing records. But I will post the announcement once I get back to my computer.


  1. So what do you think this will be? My possibilities:

    * 2019 will be the last RootsTech Conference

    * RootsTech will move around the country.

    * They will start compensating speakers

    * They will start charging for livestreamed sessions.

    * They will stop having Keynote speakers every day.

    * They will announce a high-powered keynote speaker - Mitt Romney? Elizabeth Warren? Jim Parsons? Kenyatta Berry? Joshua Taylor?

    * They will discontinue the Ambassador program.

    * Something else? This is probably what it will be!

    When do you come home?

    Cheers -- Randy

    1. Hi,
      Nice to hear from you Randy. I think I would go with numbers 2, 6, 8 in that order. I will be surprised if it is one of the others. It might be that the Saturday, Family Discovery Day will be spun off into its own Conference and that will open up Saturday for less congestion. We get back to Provo in the middle of December. We plan to spend some time visiting our children and grandchildren around the country.