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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Arriving at RootsTech 2012 Wednesday Evening

Yes, in case you were wondering, Salt Lake is still here. South Temple looks about the same except the construction of the City Creek Center is winding down. The condominium tower on the corner of South Temple and West Temple is pretty imposing. The Weather Channel predicted up to 3" of snow this afternoon and tonight. But, as is usual in Utah and most other places, they have changed their collective mind and aren't sure it is going to snow at all. It is still way too warm for snow.

The onsite registration started for RootsTech and we went in to pick up our portion of the registration. I talked briefly to Rob Holcombe from BYU who is in charge of the event and facilities and he said he thought about 4300 people had registered so far and he expected more tomorrow. I was guessing around 5000 attendees and I just might be correct or pretty close.

One suggestion, if you are coming, don't rely on the elevators in the Salt Palace. They are slower than molasses in January (oops! February). If you need them then get there early and fast.

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