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Friday, February 3, 2012

Networking and RootsTech

One of the really good benefits from attending a large genealogical conference is the ability to see old friends and make new ones. Usually this is called networking, but I think networking has such a commercial connotation. I prefer to call it seeing old friends and making new ones. I visualize myself leisurely discussing the topics of the day but unfortunately the reality falls far short of the dream. RootsTech is pretty intense. It is especially intense if you are as involved in so many different projects as I am.

The Exhibit floor is fabulous this year. There are literally so many vendors, I cannot possibly visit all of the people and products I would like. For example, my friend Geoff Rasmussen of Legacy Family Tree has been here the whole time, both of us are here on the Exhibit Floor and I haven't seen him yet at all. There are so many vendors and now there seems to be so little time. I did spend a little bit of time at the FamilySearch TechTips booth. The FamilySearch staff have been giving mini-presentations non-stop.  One of the Wiki programmers, Jimmy Zimmerman got first prize in the software developers contest. I have yet to talk to him about the program.

I have had the privilege of interviewing/meeting with five of the FamilySearch officials, including both the outgoing CEO Jay Verkler and today, the new CEO Dennis Brimhall.

Right now, I am off to do my presentation on Copyright law. I plan to put the PowerPoint online for download in the next day or so.

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