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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reader Appreciation Day

Being as this is February 29, 2012, I decided that it would be an appropriate reader appreciation day (a really arbitrary decision). Thanks to all those of you out there who have put up with my rambling style of commentary and my bad jokes (mostly too obscure for anyone to detect). I have seen a steady and dramatic increase in readership especially over the past year. To give you an idea of how Genealogy's Star is fairing out in the wild jungle of the Internet, here are a few statistics for whatever they are worth (not a whole lot, I presume). This blog post is beginning to remind me of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

On Alexa, (the link probably won't work) Genealogy's Star enjoys a rank today of 73,217 in the U.S. which means absolutely nothing to me but it sounds impressive. Hmm, lets see, the definitely mommy blog posted by

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