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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Newspaper Article on the Associated Press

The recent article about my scanning activities appeared in Arizona East Valley Tribune, but the article has been picked up by the Associated Press and is appearing papers across the country. Good press for genealogy for a change.

Here is the article in the Deseret News of Salt Lake City, Utah


  1. Nice article, but more important is the great work you are doing!! That's a lot of pictures to go through.

    1. (Just lost my note to you because I didn't know what the select profile means. Said annonymous but don't mind that you know who I am.) Don't know by what magic your blog appeared on my computer but am glad it did. All of your articles have been helpful and/or informative. I lived in St Johns with Anna (Patterson)and Carl Herring in 1949 and with Dorothy Patterson Bast in 1953. In fact was baptised in the Little Reservoir by Carrol Shumway and could beat Eric (Ricky) Shumway in squaw wrestling. I am sure people in St Johns would like to see your pictures. I know the DeWitt sisters would. How? Carleen Foster