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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Traveling down the road

I have recently agreed to help Family History Expos with some of their online news and updates such as their Facebook page. As a result, I expect I will be attending most of the Family History Expos around the country. This next weekend I will be in St. George, Utah. One advantage is that I have family all around the country and some of the time I will get a bonus from all the traveling and get to visit relatives, mostly children and grandchildren.

In April, I will make the rounds of Family History Expos to Houston, Texas and then on to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and finally to the Family History Expo in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you live near any of these places, please come by and say hello.

At the St. George Family History Expo FamilySearch will be there scanning books. Here is the info on the book scanning:
Free Book Scanning Service at the St George Expo
The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah is world renowned as the largest research collection under one roof anywhere in the world! You can access their collections through more than 3,000 FamilySearch Centers throughout the U.S.

At the St George Family History Expo FamilySearch is offering to scan your family history book and give you a digital copy on a flash drive provided by FamilySearch for your convenience. 

Benefits of scanning your book:
  • Share it with others easily and inexpensively
  • Have a copy of your book preserved by FamilySearch
  • Provide access to others who may share your ancestral lines by making the book available free of charge on

How it works:
  • Sign-up and reserve your time for your book to be scanned (300 page limit)
  • If your book is copyrighted, print out and have the copyright holder sign the permission form in order for scanning to be performed
  • Bring your book and signed permission form to the FamilySearch Scanning booth at the Expo on the day of your reservation. Please drop the book off before 10:00 am, if possible, to allow maximum time for scanning
  • Pick up your book and the digital copy on a flash drive provided by FamilySearch at the end of the day

Sign up online to reserve a day for your book to be scanned:
  It looks like I will also be presenting two classes, one on Google Treasures for Genealogists and the other on FamilySearch. I am looking forward to seeing some of my friends at the Conference and having a good time in sunny St. George.

The outline of classes and presenters looks outstanding. 

In all fairness, I have to disclose that I am actually going to be on the staff of the Family History Expos. But I am more than happy with the Expos I have been to in the past and look forward to the same kinds of experiences in the future. 

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