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Friday, February 3, 2012

RootsTech 2012 Digitized Books

I had a good opportunity to have a conversation with Don Anderson, Senior VP of Worldwide Support for FamilySearch. Don is extremely knowledgeable about the FamilySearch programs. Our discussion mainly focused on the integration of source resources in, particularly the digitized book collection. I learned that just this week approximately 40,000 digitized family history books went online. The collection will continue to grow. The search for content in these newly added books is located in two ways, either through a link on the Home page of or through the Family History Library Catalog. Books that are digitized will show up in the Catalog as having digital copies available. The integration of the digitized books will continue to proceed at a steady pace. There are still major challenges such as integrating the various searches so that the Historical Record Collections and the digitized books will be searchable at the same time. Presently, they are accessible only through separate searches. 

Don reiterated what I had heard before from other sources, the Family History Centers are not going away. They will undergo some major technological changes but will still remain as viable and helpful resources. Don further indicated that the conversion of names of the larger Family History Centers will proceed in the future until the larger centers will be known as FamilySearch Libraries. This name change may also be made to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have no idea about the timeline for any changes, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

It was a very enjoyable discussion with a very knowledgeable source.

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  1. James - I'm very interested in the digitized books. Thank you for sharing.