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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Guidelines for Fair Use in Copyright

The Association of Research Libraries has published a new Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries. The coordinators for the project include the
  • Association of Research Libraries
  • Center for Social Media, School of Communication, American University
  • Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property, Washington College of Law, American University 
 A PDF version of the code can be obtained at Download a PDF of the Code.

The Code is described in by the Association as follows:
This is a code of best practices in fair use devised specifically by and for the academic and research library community. It enhances the ability of librarians to rely on fair use by documenting the considered views of the library community about best practices in fair use, drawn from the actual practices and experience of the library community itself.
The Code is limited in its intended application but has guidelines that may well apply to a variety of situations confronted by genealogists as they do research in major repositories and elsewhere. It is also applicable to presenters who are quoting copyrighted information in PowerPoint slides and handouts.

I recommend this publication for review. 

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