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Thursday, February 2, 2012

RootsTech First Keynote Continued

My notes are going out raw, so excuse any issues like making sense or not.

Jay Verkler,
Elements of a Community Record
Digitally born records, those that were created on a computer directly. Identifying family relationships in various records across different databases.

This is a more expansive view of the types of information being stored online about an individual or family.

The final element of this global way of looking at records. Creating a source authority with links directly to the archive.

You can likely review this entire presentation on a shared community of records. Jay puts in a plug for having all of this in an open source system and not a proprietary system. FamilySearch has a number of very large and influential partners in this new open system. brightsolid,, Geni,, FGS, to state few.

I strongly suggest that you review this presentation if at all possible. The presentation closes with a very entertaining sketch showing how records and research can be collaborative across the Internet in a variety of applications across the world.

Only the begging, more to come


  1. good summary. I liked the emphasis on whole person and the linking back to relevant archives and their records. Brave new world.

  2. I am so glad to be following your amazing coverage of this event. It is literally, like being right there. Loved your SSDI comments as well as the excitement over the 1940 Census at the dinner for bloggers. Your idea of following more than one blogger is intriguing, but a bit overwhelming (read that: Can I actually do that?.) I couldn't attend RootsTech this year both because of $ as well as I use a walker and physically couldn't manage it. But, thanks to you I do not feel left out of things. A BIG THANKS!!!