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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Onsite at RootsTech 2012

You can expect quite a few posts next two days. If you want to keep current with RootsTech, just check-in occasionally and also search the other blogs. Besides the official RootsTech Bloggers there are dozens of others, so there will be plenty of coverage.

Our first keynote speaker is Jay Verkler, most recently CEO of FamilySearch. One thing I have noticed that is different from last year is that Brigham Young University has a lower profile. Last year they were much more visible. One very enjoyable thing about this conference is meeting and greeting bloggers from all over the world and also putting faces with those who have been sending me emails.

It is a rainy and cold day in Salt Lake, but fortunately I did not have to drive this morning and the entrance to the hotel is only about 50 yards or so from the north door of the Salt Palace where the Conference is being held. This is all so overwhelming to a small town boy! Wait, I'm from Phoenix, the sixth largest city in the U.S. and a 37 year veteran trial attorney, nothing, but nothing is overwhelming. But it is very nice and pretty noisy at the moment.

Well, I see Jay Verkler going towards the stage. Time to post this and start another.

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