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Friday, February 10, 2012

New FamilySearch Indexing App Now Available

Here's one for all you out there that think you can't use the virtual keyboard on an iPad, iPhone or Android tablet to do real work. I admit the title to this post is very, very ambiguous. Is this an app for New FamilySearch or a new app for FamilySearch Indexing? Well, it turns out that ambiguity or not, there is really an app for doing Indexing on a tablet computer. I haven't tried it on an iPhone, but judging by the number of people I saw keyboarding away at RootsTech 2012 on their iPads or other tablet computers, I would guess they would have no trouble with keying in the data for Indexing.

The link takes you to the LDSTech blog where there are screen shots of the new app and an extensive explanation of what it does and how it works. This is a very timely product given the huge push to index the entire 1940 Census is record time. Any guesses as to how long the indexing will take?

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