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Monday, March 25, 2013

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Well, I have yet to determine if there are any wizards in Mesa, Arizona, but we are off to see for ourselves. The road is mostly cement and asphalt rather than bricks however, so the title to this post is misleading. No matter how many times I look at Google Maps it is a long way to Arizona from Utah and the nature of the Colorado Plateau is that there is very little cell phone coverage. It is still largely the untamed wild West.

I had a wonderful time at RootsTech 2013 and look forward to RootsTech 2014. But meanwhile, there are a lot of other conferences and classes in the future. I will be back to Salt Lake for the:

April Salt Lake City Family History Library Retreat 2013
Salt Lake Plaza Hotel 
122 West South Temple, 
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101 
08 Apr 2013 - 12 Apr 2013  

 If you haven't signed up Go to Register Now to see the details.

A note about weather in Salt Lake City. It is either bad or good depending on your personal point of view. If you are an avid skier then the weather in the Winter is always good if it snows a lot. Otherwise, you will probably love to live in Mesa, Arizona. On the other hand, if you do live in Mesa, you may dream about going north for the summer. So enjoy the snow, the rain, the heat, the cold and the wind where ever you may be. Its the only thing we have to remind us that the whole world does not run on electronics.

I will be thinking of some good blog posts as I make the long drive home. So, you will hear from me soon.

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