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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New FamilySearch Family Tree Certified Products

In a blog post dated 27 March 2013, Gordon Glarke made the following announcement:

Partner NewsFamilySearch is pleased to announce that FamilyHero and BrowseHero are now Tree Access certified to work with FamilySearch Family Tree data.  “Certified” means the product is compatible with and has features that conform to our strict standards of quality.
Icon Accessor Tree Access indicates that FamilySearch Family Tree data can be read from the partner’s application.

Icon Connector Tree Connect indicates that you can attach references about your ancestors to records, images, stories, and other media found on the internet. These attached sources of evidence can be viewed by anyone using FamilySearch Family Tree.

Shareor Tree Share indicates that you can reconcile tree data between the partner’s product and Family Tree.
Muddy Heros Icon

FamilyHero is Tree Access certified. The new FamilyHero integration into FamilySearch family tree allows you to view and analyze your family tree. FamilyHero is the only tool that provides a flat graphical view of your complete family tree that is not based on a pedigree chart. Use FamilyHero to see siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles at a glance without the need for popup windows or view changes.Browse HeroBrowseHero™ is a new utility that brings the best of the FamilySearch website and the power of your desktop together. BrowseHero™ works by showing the FamilySearch website inside the tool, and adding many new and exciting features to the FamilySearch interface along with our patent pending Full Family Graph. With the ability to find errors and maintain local research notes alongside your FamilySearch tree in a single tool what’s not to love about BrowseHero™.
See these new products and previously certified products at
  DiamondThe diamond mark indicates products that were previously certified for

  Check MarkThe check mark indicates products that are now certified for Family Tree.
You may wish to check the products web page for more new enhancements and products. 

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