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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our Other Blogs

You might (or might not) have noticed a list of our other blogs here on my blog page. I thought I would take an opportunity to introduce some more of our family's blogs.  Here is the list of the blogs with a short description of each:

This is an extraordinary example of what a family history themed blog can be. My daughter Amy Thiriot has been writing this blog for several years and it has a fabulous collection of photos, stories, and concrete information about her family (including my lines and her mother's lines). I recently decided, with Amy's approval, to contribute some of my own research to this blog where I thought it more appropriately belonged.

If you eat food, you will love this website. My wive and daughters have over three generations of inherited recipes. Their recipes are fabulous and I have been the recipient of this heritage for nearly all of my life. This blog is extremely popular with people who love to cook and especially popular with those who love to eat their wonderful dinners.

I love to take photographs and this is my website for putting up what I have taken around the country. I invite you to browse through the site and see all the beautiful places and things I have seen over the last few years.

Heritage Paper Dolls
My daughter Melinda is a graphic artist with an extraordinary talent to invent beautiful images. She uses this talent to design a series of paper dolls with period costumes. She also gives some very interesting background information about each of the fashions she displays on her very impressive website.

The General Sherman Tree, Sequoia National Park, California USA in California

From time to time, I take 360 degree photographs of the places I travel. You might not have seen these incredible photos before and should take time to browse my photos as well as those others on

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