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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Treelines wins Developers Award

Oops, I am reposting this. I guess I copied the name wrong once and kept going with it. The program is Treelines, not Timelines. Sorry Tammy. 

Here is an interview between DearMYRTLE and Treelines developer Tammy Hepps. Treelines won the RootsTech 2013 Developer's Challenge Award for their program. Thanks to DearMYRTLE for all of her interviews. She did an extraordinary job in interviewing.

Treelines is a visual photographic narrative program unlike any you may have seen before. Here is a quote from the Treelines website explaining the program:
We are something new: a tool focused entirely on the stories that your hard-won genealogical discoveries reveal. For example, an orphanage file urges you to reconsider what you thought you knew about your grandmother’s childhood. A letter connects the dots between your grandfather and the mysterious siblings he left behind when he moved west. A photograph brings you closer to the moment when your great-great-great-grandfather made history. The thrill of the chase of the elusive record may be what keeps us going, but the recovered stories these records outline are the bigger reward. We want to help you tell these amazing stories. 
Treelines aims to become the default tool you will use to curate and share the family stories you uncover. We are genealogists like you, so we will pick up exactly where your family tree leaves off without requiring duplicate work. It will be easy and low-effort. Here you’ll find a new outlet for expression that you can’t find elsewhere.
I enjoyed reading about Tammy and her accomplishments on the Treelines website. Here is a quote from the site:
Fanny Skversky’s great-granddaughter 
Fanny Skversky immigrated to Philadelphia from Chornobai, Poltava, Russia in 1905. Because she fell ill while crossing the North Sea, her mother and five siblings had to leave her behind in Liverpool while they crossed the Atlantic without her. She would spend four long months alone before she was well enough to follow them. 
Nearly a century later, Tammy A. Hepps, one of her great-grandchildren, graduated Harvard with a degree in Computer Science and embarked on a successful career managing web technology teams for large companies like Barnes and Noble, The New York Times, and NBCUniversal, as well as start-ups like SparkNotes and Dow Jones/IAC Online Ventures. WithTreelines, she combines her wide-ranging, hands-on digital expertise and her life-long obsession with genealogy to bring to life the family tree curation tools she wished she had had all along. 
Tammy is a board member of the Philadelphia Jewish Archive Center and a regular contributor to Chronicles, the newsletter of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Philadelphia.
Thanks to Tammy and her staff for a great effort. Check out the program here.

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