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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Legacy Mobile App released

Sitting at RootsTech in an Unconferencing Session, I heard that the new genealogy app, Legacy Mobile was available for download. Of course, during the course of the panel discussion, I downloaded the app, but did not have time to look at it until today. Here is a description of the app from Otter Creek Holdings, the developer:
LegacyTec uses the latest and greatest in technology to bring up any information about headstones based on their GPS coordinates so that anyone with a smartphone in a cemetery can take a picture and find out more about the particular headstone they are visiting. Because of Otter Creek Holdings’ wide base of partnerships with other genealogical companies (i.e.FamilySearch,,Archives, My Heritage and more) this technology will make Family History research through multiple resources easier by incorporating innovative technology.
I found the program linked to's Family Tree and in a few minutes I had data about my family downloaded. The program also syncs data entered by the user with Family Tree. I have yet to have an opportunity to visit a cemetery with the program, but it is supposed to look up information about an individual fron a photo of their gravemarker or headstone.  The app will be available from both the Apple App Store and  the Android Store.

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  1. I've downloaded it and have started to use it. So far so good.