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Thursday, March 21, 2013

RootsTech 2013 - Day One - Continuation Part One

Facts are the heart of the stories, Syd Lieberman. You really need to hear his story.

D. Joshua Taylor is well known in the online genealogy community and he is now working with, was the concluding keynote speaker. These presentations are online and available to be viewed, both live and as recorded webcasts.

Presentation by FamilySearch on upcoming developments at NEHGS Luncheon.

Family History has many challenges. Preserving records. New technology. Collaboration. Each of these areas are a concern. FamilySearch is all about preserving the stories and records.

Upcoming features:
  • Integration with
  • Consolidation of all individual and family information under Family Tree.
  • Redesign of Family Tree
  • Adding Photos and Stories to Family Tree (already available)
  • Changing color, contrast and enhancing fonts
  • Photos and stories added to Ancestor Page (Individual history page in Family Tree)
  • Added a different navigation through fan chart 
  • Step-by-step wizard to start entering information into Family Tree
  • Simple link to FamilySearch Family Tree chat
  • Tagging and linking individuals' photos to Family Tree (already available)
  • Share photos to social networking sites such as Facebook
  • Create photo albums (already available)
  • Quick identification of people ready for LDS Temple 
  • Increase design for ease of reading
  • Focuses and filtered searches in Historical Record Collections (already available)
  • Additional help resources 
  • Created simple step-by-step way to get started with genealogy
  • Ways to volunteer
  • Save the heritage, so that people can tell their stories
  • FamilySearch is here to stay and is committed to preservation
  • Invite to a grandparents' day for adding stories to Family Tree
  • Leaving a Legacy
Sorry about the long list, but that was the most efficient way to record the information. 

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