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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Warning about an annoying hack

Unfortunately, what we have done so far does not seem to stop the unauthorized and highly illegal hacking of Genealogy's Star. So far, what happens is that at somewhat random times, if you access this blog, you are redirected to various sleazy link sites that make money preying on legitimate websites and searches. I have some expert Internet programmers and support people working on the problem, but it may be necessary to move the site. This is the drastic remedy for this type of annoying hacking.

Please excuse the inconvenience of being directed to an unauthorized site and return back to Genealogy's Star until the site is fixed or moved.


  1. Hope we don't lose access to your lovely blog posts. We both enjoy reading them! Good Luck with solving this problem.

  2. I hope this helps. I had the same thing occur in my blog last month. I use Internet Explorer. In Manage Add-Ons, I found some add-ons I did not authorize that looked like adware (coupon was in the names). They did not allow me to disable them but I found them in Add/Remove programs and uninstalled them. The problem went away. Once I had noted the issue in the blog, I noticed that it happened on other web pages I visited.

    I believe they got into my system because I downloaded a GEDCOM Validator, which downloaded via I saw information on this program in a blog posting. I would imagine that this problem may affect other genealogists. I posted a warning in the Technology for Genealogists group on FB.

  3. We were sitting at the keynote at RootsTech, and when you went up on stage I pulled up your blog for my husband to see. I was shocked when he handed back my iPad and there was a naughty website on the screen. We were very concerned that something terrible had happened, and I'm glad to hear you've got the problem resolved for now.