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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Strategy for Reporting RootsTech 2013

Some of my readers may remember my on-the-spot reporting of the Key Note presentations for RootsTech 2012. Well, this year the Keynotes are all being streamed, so there is no reason for instant reporting. You can watch them yourself by going to the website at the time of the Keynote Address. But not to worry, I will still be commenting on the presentations as they happen and hope to have some instant insights to share with all of you who are RootsTech challenged and cannot attend.

So what else can you expect? Oh, I will not know until I get there, but you can rest assured that I will keep up a stream of blog posts as long as my fingers can keep entering letters into the computer. One unknown is Web access. In the past, the WiFi in the Salt Palace has been spotty and mediocre. But we do have the wonderful support of FamilySearch in providing a Media Hub for the bloggers with cable links to the Internet. This essentially avoids the problem but forces me to run to the Media Hub to write on occasion.

I have already set up some interesting interviews, but depending on what is said, I will only give full coverage to those that are recorded. Otherwise, I will be reporting the interview after-the-fact.

If you have any specific questions, you are more than welcome to ask them on my Facebook page or my Google+ page and I will check both of those almost in real time and answer the ones I am able to.

I hope to see you there, but if not, take advantage of the live streaming and commentary in the blogs.

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  1. Hi, James,

    I will be watching Live Streaming the whole 3 days, and awaiting your comments from RootsTech. And your interviews 'from the floor'