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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zap the Grandma Gap Workbook

At RootsTech 2013, Janet Hovorka debuted her Zap the Grandma Gap Workbook to accompany her previously published book. Here is the description of the book from her website:
Brainstorm about what activities will synergize your descendants with their heritage. Questions to get you thinking and space to fill in the ideas that come to you. Filled with lists of resources, templates for games, instructions and procedures. Everything you need to zap the generation gap in your family and introduce them to their super grandmas and grandpas.
The book is filled with additional ideas for helping your children and grandchildren have fun activities related to family and family history.  The table of contents shows how many activities and links are provided by this extremely helpful book.

Janet is to be commended for her great effort in putting out this valuable resource.

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