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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Family History Library Online Photo Duplication Services Discontinued

Pursuant to an announcement in a blog post from FamilySearch, online photo duplication services will be discontinued as of 5 December 2014. The announcement stated:
Online requests for photo duplication services of microfilm and books are no longer available. They were discontinued as of December 5th, 2014. As of that date, existing orders will be completed, but new orders will no longer be accepted. 
Because so many microfilm and books are continually being digitized and added, and more links are being made available to partner sites that already have this information digitized, the need for photo duplication has significantly decreased. FamilySearch will continue to digitize as many resources as possible and make them available online. If the film or book has been digitized, you can print your own copies directly from the web site, if printing of the film or book is not restricted by the copyright holder. 
To see what has already been digitized, please visit the FamilySearch Catalog. Also available on the catalog page is a link toOCLC WorldCat website. WorldCat can help you find books and other resources available in over 10,000 local libraries.
There are now over 150,000 fully digitized books available online from the website. Access to some of the books is limited by the original agreements with the provider or copyright holder and can only be viewed on a computer in an authorized Family History Center.

I always suggest that if you are looking for an older book, you try several of the larger digital book websites to see if someone has digitized the book. You can do a Google Search, but you may also need to search the websites directly. You may wish to review the list of digital book sites on my blog post "The Online Digital Book Collections."

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