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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Valuable Resources in the FSFamilyTreeUserGroup

I have been very impressed with the depth and quality of the PowerPoint presentations on the relatively new website. Basically, this is a cooperative website for the Family Tree community. The website presents very detailed explanations of some of the basics and even some of the advanced features of the Family Tree program. The training presentations can be used by the subscribers to teach classes etc. Here is a description of the contents of the website so far:
Family Tree Training

Here you will find a wealth of topics covering how to use Family Tree and its related functions. It is extremely important for users of Family Tree, including youth, to get correct training on how to Correct, Add, Edit, and Delete Data and Relationships; how to Source data to prevent others from changing it; how to do Descendancy Searches on Family Tree and; how to Add Memories (photos, stories, documents); how to Hasten the work doing valid Temple Ordinances; how to correctly Merge duplicate records; and much more.These presentations by members of this FS Family Tree User Group, and Leland Moon from, can be used in classes to teach others, or simply at home for yourself. Some are more like comprehensive documents and some are designed for quick reference.
The is not sponsored by or supported by FamilySearch. But the material they have on the website is extremely helpful to learning and working with the Family Tree program.

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