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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rodent Free in 2014

Some time ago, I began the transition from using a mouse with my computers to using a trackpad. I realized that during 2014, I became entirely free of using a mouse. This transition came about as a result of using the trackpad on my Apple MacBook Pro. By the way, this would never have happened had I been using the trackpads on other types of computers. I had been carrying around a USB mouse to use with my MacBook Pro, but eventually got to the point where I wasn't using it anymore.

Some time ago, I also purchased a trackpad for my iMac. I still had my mouse sitting next to the trackpad and would use it on occasion. Now it just sits there looking lonely. Of course, I still use a mouse most of the time I am working on a PC at the BYU Family History Library or at someone's home, but for my own use, the mouse is now extinct.

This points up an important fact about technology. At first it is a novelty and then it becomes a necessity. Also during 2014, my wife discovered texting. She objected to using it because our phone plan charged extra for each text. But this past year we changed plans and free texting is included. I am starting to get used to the fact that she would rather text than talk on the phone in a lot of cases.

Well, technology marches on and we keep evolving to match the new technology. I am certain that the new year will bring even more changes. Maybe it will even get me to start using texting.

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  1. Good post. Love the title. When it comes to texting I am on the same page as your wife. Back when our grandson started texting me I had to pay 10-cents per text. I was not impressed, but now you couldn't take it away from me. Text messages are more efficient and more polite because they don't require instant attention, like a phone call. As long as texting is NOT done while driving, I think it is the way to go, especially if you want to stay connected to the younger generation.