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Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Irish Genealogy Resources

One of my good online friends in Australia, Wayne, sent me a list of links to Irish websites in an email. I asked his permission to expand somewhat on the list and include his list with my additions in a blog post, to which he graciously consented. 

There are several half-myths that circulate in the genealogical community in addition to the long list of full-blown myths. Some of those half-myths address the issue of record availability in various parts of the world. In the U.S. we have the "burned county" or "my ancestors' records were lost in a courthouse fire" half-myth. While there are records lost in courthouse fire, it is ridiculous to suppose that all of the records in a county were kept in the courthouse. Likewise, there is a half-myth that records in Ireland have been destroyed. Yes, there are some notable instances of record loss, such as the destruction of the Public Records Office (PRO or PRONI) on 30 June 1922. If you want to see why this is a half-myth go to the Irish Genealogy Toolkit post entitled, "All Irish genealogy records were destroyed in the 1922 fire: Myth or fact?

Rather than moan and groan and wring our hands over the loss of records in the past, how about simply moving on and taking advantage of the huge numbers of records that are still available?

Here is the consolidated list of websites:

You might first want to see the long list of websites from the National Archives of Ireland which includes many of the following links. Some of the links below also have extensive lists of additional websites. I have not, at all, tried to include every website so listed. - has an extensive collection of Irish records including Ireland Census 1821-1851, Ireland Census Search Forms 1841 & 1851, Griffith's Valuation 1847-1864, Landed Estates Court Rentals 1850-1885, and the The Elliott Collection - See the FamilySearch Catalog for both online and microfilm resources.

Emerald Ancestors at

Ulster Historical Foundation at

Society of Genealogists Northern Ireland at   with this note from my friend in Australia: "this one I found the link below to a French site Gallica that has a ton of info on some of my ancestors in the way of PDFs etc , in French of course but I send them via translate a document (google translate) or google docs."

Gallica at  Again quoting: "I say give this a try for some info you just never know."

Ballymoney Ancestry at

Belfast Family History at

Church records listed by the Irish Genealogy website at

Irish Ancestral Research Association at

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  1. James, Thank yu so much for all of these Irish resources. There are some that are new to me that I look forward to exploring. Pending that, I wanted to tell you that I've included your post in my NoteWorthy Reads for this week: