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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Step Three: I take the DNA Test and Mail it in

So today, I finally had time to take the DNA test. I opened the package and read the entire instructions.

After following the instructions, we decided to mail in the completed test. We normally have to drive to a post office to mail a letter in Provo (as we usually did in Mesa) since the days of having mailboxes for pickup is long past. We weighed the package containing the test and according to the weight, put one stamp on the outside of the mailer. When we got to the post office, we decided to mail the item inside, because it was below freezing in Provo. When my wife went to insert the mailer in the slot, it would not fit. The postal employee said that the package was thicker than allowed by the U.S. Post Office and that had we mailed it with one stamp, it would have been returned for insufficient postage. It cost $2.62 to mail the item to MyHeritage. Hmm. I wonder how many of these are coming back to potential customers. If we had dropped it in the bin outside the building, it would have been returned.

Anyway, after buying the right amount of postage, the DNA test is on its way and we are now waiting our "4 to 6 weeks." according to the instructions.


  1. That's great I did family tree and that worked but after 7 times Ancestry did not work they do it different. Then 23 and me and Family tree.

  2. Well, I must say I did not receive my DNA kits. I wrote complaining 2 or 3 times. The last time to the courier Who informed me the parcel was sent back to the sender.
    Hope I will eventually receive it

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  4. We are in NZ, and it is costing us $35 to send 2 tests back to the US, which I think is a bit ridiculous.