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Monday, December 30, 2013

Link to FamilyHistory Catalog a Part of OCLC

In the past, I have written a number of blog posts about the connection between the Family History Library Catalog and OCLC. I have been watching to see when the catalogers would get to the point that a search in the catalog would produce a link to the Family History Library Catalog. Yesterday, I got a notification about a post from Michael John Neill with a screen shot showing an item appearing in the catalog with a link between the two catalogs. I wrote a very short piece about the link. Unfortunately, I had deleted the feed item and could not reproduce my connection to Michael John Neill's article immediately.

I continued to search today when Pat Richley-Erickson pointed out that I had left out the link. She mentioned a discussion on Facebook. I must admit, I do not watch Facebook at all except when I get a specific notice. So I went back through all of yesterday's Facebook posts and found the short mention. I was then able to find the post from Michael John Neill. Going back through the Facebook posts reminded me why I do not follow Facebook all day and all night, although it appears that some of my family members and friends do so.

Here is the link to Michael John Neill's blog post on entitled "FamilyHistory Catalog a Part of OCLC." Sorry about the lack of a link yesterday.

If I ever fail to give credit for any tips, unless given in confidence or through email, please let me know. I certainly want to recognize everyone for the work they do to keep us all informed. By the way, I had to figure out a search in the Family History Library Catalog that would show up in the catalog and that took a while. This is something you might not see immediately and I would guess that the entire Family History Library Catalog is not yet linked completely to I would continue to look both places, probably forever.

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