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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another update on the Blogger Font Problem

 As you can see from the image above, the problem with the display of scripts on my Blogger program continues. I appreciate all of the comments and suggestions that have been made. But after trying a number of options, as suggested by commentators, and after examining the HTML code in detail. I have still not cracked the problem. I have made two requests to Google so far. But my experience with Google help in the past has been extremely poor and I do not really expect any response.

I'm going to outline my analysis so far:

1. The problem only appears in the Blogger program. Any references to items outside of the program appear in normal text. None of the text problems appear in any of the blog posts. The change in the script is confined to menu items. Any user inserted items appear in normal script.

2. The script appears to be a literal transliteration of English. In other words, the symbols are a substitution not a translation. Putting the text into Google Translate shows that the program recognizes the text as English. It is also not a choice of font problem apparently. Changing the fonts with Fonts Changer from Google makes no difference. The problem seems entirely confined to Blogger and no other program. I have examined the settings and preferences that I have available and they all show normal font selection. Changing the font selection has no effect on the problem.

3. I have examined the entire HTML for different pages and all of the references to fonts in the HTML file or the normal fonts specified. All of the menu items function normally except for the labels. Some of the individual labels remain in the normal script.

My analysis is that the problem is embedded in the Google Blogger program itself and I'm not sure that I have access to the level of code where the problem arises. I am wondering if Google should be paying me to solve this problem?

 I'm not entirely convinced yet that the problem arises as a result of a specific attack on my blog. But I am not far from that conclusion. I have resolved issues caused by linking to a corrupted URL previously, but this problem does not appear to be related to an embedded link.

I realize that this whole problem is entirely meaningless to anyone not confronted with the same issues, but if I find a solution, the process that I've gone through should be illustrative of how to solve other problems you may encounter online.


  1. Mr. Tanner,
    If the problem is just related to Blogger; have you tried to restore your template from an old backup.

  2. Delete and re-install Chrome. I had a problem that when I clicked on any link the computer would freeze. I cleaned, block add on's and anything suggested. I cam up with the idea to use IE instead of Chrome and the problem disappeared. So I uninstalled Chrome and then re-installed Chrome and the problem was solved.

    I hope you get it fixed.

  3. The problem appears in all of the browsers on different computers and on my iPad. The problem is in Blogger not on my computer. Thanks for you comment and concern.

  4. Hi James,

    Sorry to hear about your problems. I know a bit about troubleshooting website problems so let me see what I can come up with.

    You seem to have already ruled out that it is a specific browser or computer. Have you tried creating a new blog, with your current Google account or a fresh one? That should tell you if something is messed up in your account or website specifically or if it is a more general Blogger problem. If the new blog works well, it must be something in your blog that's messed up. My guess would be widgets (as they insert code) or templates, as Charlie suggested. I would advise you to temporarily switch back to another template and also disable all the widgets, just to see if that solves the problem.

    Also could you post or mail me the HTML of the offending page? You can do that by right-clicking and selecting 'view page source' in Chrome.

    1. Hi, I had gotten through to the point of creating a new blog with a new account. I will take that step and then work on the next one. Thanks so much for the suggestions.