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Friday, December 13, 2013

Pioneers in your Attic Project

I read about this program in the University of Utah Continuum magazine the alumni publication. In searching a little online I found the following description:
The Utah Academic Library Consortium, in conjunction with the Mountain West Digital Library, has launched a pioneer legacy digital project wherein 19th century overland migration will be examined from every aspect: transportation, trail and camp life, Indian depredations or encounters, diseases, medicine and surgery, politics and government, gold rush, religion, company organization, path finding and, wherever possible, perspectives from non-traditional viewpoints (women, children, minorities, etc.).

During the summer and fall of 2013, members of the UALC will be partnering with local libraries, historical societies and cultural heritage institutions to create a region-wide online collection of original pioneer manuscripts that still remain in private hands. These items range from single letters and diaries to photographs to substantial collections of correspondence between pioneers and family at home. These first-hand accounts, often in fragile or deteriorating condition, are carefully guarded treasures that many families are reluctant to relinquish. By scanning these items and providing online access, the Legacy Project will allow individuals to retain their original items, yet preserve the intellectual and historical content of these valuable documents.

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 Interestingly, the Mountain West Digital Library is one of the initial major contributors to the Digital Public Library of America. This is a worthy project for any state or region to undertake. You can check out the website for the times and dates where they will be doing scanning.

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