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Monday, December 2, 2013

Nine New or Updated Programs to Evaluate

I am faced with quite a dilemma. I have nine new or updated programs to evaluate and perhaps more. This list of programs is as follows:
I'm certainly aware that there are many more programs available, but these are the one's I am focusing on right now. I also use Reunion for the Macintosh I am not aware of any upgrades to the program.

I've mentioned before that I do not do software reviews. I made that choice years ago. The real reason that I do not do software reviews is because I like all of the programs. I have almost all of these programs on my computer right now and I try to keep up with their features and changes so that I can teach the programs when necessary and help people with technical support. The new one in the list that I've not yet tried is the Behold program. During the next few weeks I hope to get into each of these programs again to see what changes have been made and new features added.


  1. I use Mac Family Tree.
    I've a question, sir. Are you familiar of, or are there available .ged files as created from public-domain books? Surname studies, largely. Stevenson, Lundy, Mott, Foote, Cornell, Lawrence, Stillwell, Shotwell, &c ? (being New England, Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island, NJ, Penn, families)

    1. Creating a GEDCOM file from a book would require all of the entries in the book to be put into a genealogical database program. I doubt that has been done in a way that anyone could find out the location of the file.

  2. James,

    When you're ready to try Behold, send me an email.