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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Keeping Touch with Kindex was one of the more innovative programs that I became more acquainted with at this past Conference. The program is under development but has great potential. As noted in a recent newsletter:
In mid-August Kindex will be kicking off a major fundraising effort with Indiegogo to generate support for ongoing software development. There are going to be some fantastic rewards for those who can support Kindex! More details coming soon.
One of the key concepts of the program is to provide a way for users of the Memories program to "transcribe" the documents that have been uploaded to make them more discoverable.

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  1. I have great hopes for Kindex. Their approach to marked-up text -- i.e. not just amorphous words -- will support transcription and semantics, and so make many types of work searchable with accuracy. Scanned documents, photographs, and recordings are not directly searchable, and so narrative text (including stories, research, proof arguments, and transcription) will become a crucial component of online genealogy.