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Friday, August 12, 2016

New Add-on Product from Shotbox

The Shotbox portable photo studio has been targeting advertising directly at genealogists. They had a booth recently at the Brigham Young University Conference on Family History and Genealogy. They have now introduced a set of custom backdrops for the Shotbox with a KickStarter Campaign.

Here is a quote from the campaign website:
PANELS are an extension tool for SHOTBOX, a Personal Portable Photo Light Studio. PANELS set the stage for your creativity. Pick and choose background and floor sheets that take your photos to brand new levels of expression and showmanship. Take better product shots if you're an online seller. Enhance your blog. Capture collectibles like never before. Make your hobbies shine and impress. Share your family heirlooms in new and profound ways. SHOTBOX and PANELS should be in every home, office and classroom.
I bought one of these during the original KickStarter campaign and it is set up here in my office. We have used it to photograph everything from documents to minerals.

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