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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dropbox Bug Restores Really Old Deleted Files
A disturbing event occurred this week when hundreds of old, previously deleted files started appearing in my folder. Fortunately, I removed them from the folder before the contents exceeded my capacity. Some of the files dated back to 2011 and some even before that. I was fairly busy and put off examining the files when notices started appearing in the news stream about the restoration of the files and attributing it to a "bug." For it could have been a very "convenient" bug had a number of the people faced with the problem been told to pay for more storage.

After carefully checking to make sure I was not going to delete any valuable files, the duplicates all went in the trash.


  1. Dropbox works well for sync. But, I prefer Binfer when I have to send lots of file to someone. See cloudless file sharing