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Monday, January 30, 2017

Introduction to JoyFlips

Genealogists have been targeted with specialty scanning devices for the past few years. Over that same time period, as technology has changed, smartphones equipped with cameras have become ubiquitous. Even as a professional photographer, I now partially rely on my iPhone 7 Plus for some of the photo opportunities that I have. Some of the recent photos on my photo blog, WalkingArizona, have been taken with my iPhone.

There are several scanning apps for both iOS and Android devices, but the free app is one of the first to target the family history and genealogy market. is listed as one of the newer apps in the App Gallery. The app is listed as both reading and updating information in your FamilySearch account and allows voice tagging. also advertises free unlimited scanning and cloud storage.

So far, lists the app but there are no reviews as yet, however, both the reviews on the App Gallery are positive.

My most recent post on the subject of scanning with a smartphone is "Using a Smartphone to Scan Documents" posted on December 21, 2016. I will update that post in the very near future and use photos as an example.

I would say this about using a smartphone to scan photos or documents. It is certainly better than losing the opportunity to scan the photos or documents if all you have is your smartphone. There is a saying among photographers, "The best camera is the one you have with you when you need to take a photo."


  1. I tried to sign up but right now it's for iPhone only. Hopefully Android will be available soon.

  2. Here is my sample Arduino code that will list BLE devices in range. The output is the devices (cropped) name and its address. Afterwards you can still communicate via UART. scscan