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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

75,000 Articles now in the FamilySearch Research Wiki

At 17:15 23 September 2013, the FamilySearch Research Wiki officially acquired its 75.000th article. The article is classified as

Spain Marriages, Coverage Table (FamilySearch Historical Records) (hist) [2,080 bytes] Douglasmichaelcu (Talk | contribs) (created coverage Table Page)

At one time, when the Research Wiki was growing more rapidly in numbers, I tried to add pages on different topics to see if I could be the one to reach the milestone of some arbitrary number. It turns out to be nearly impossible, because you have no idea who else is working on articles at the same time. I came close but missed the number by a few digits.

Looking beyond the mere number of articles, the Research Wiki has taken its place as the lead in making sense of the huge number of source records, both on the Web and still paper-bound around the world. When I talk about the Research Wiki with newly minted researchers, I get a variety of responses from cold indifference to overjoyed enthusiasm. Those who are enthusiastic are primarily interested in finding out about their families and willing to spend time learning. Those who are indifferent are impatient with finding names and see no use for a resource that has no names. I have huge stack of genealogical reference books, but all together they are only a very small part of the resources set out in the Research Wiki.

Thanks to all those who have contributed over the years and thanks to those who are still contributing. Special thanks to those on the "Support Team" and the FamilySearch volunteers, employees, missionaries and all of the others who have made this phenomenally valuable online resource. Finally, thanks to FamilySearch for allowing this project to grow and become so valuable.


  1. Have you seen that since today it is possible to tag living people at FamilySearch Photos?

    It is strange because you can not see living people in Family Tree but you can see a living person in a photo with dead persons and then click and go to the page with all the photos of that living person. It is contradictory (a mess).

  2. Congratulations to the wiki team!! What you are giving the world is awesome!

    Dear Anonymous - it is clear why you are so named. Shame on you for posting such a negative comment after such a great milestone as 75,000 wiki articles. At least be positive first before voicing your other opinion. And now I have given mine and I close.