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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The increased automation of genealogical research -- adds save records to your tree announced a new feature to save researched records directly to a users' family tree. Here is a brief explanation of the feature from the blog post of 16 September 2013:
We’re delighted to launch today a new feature that allows the saving of records that you discover in SuperSearch – MyHeritage's online search engine for billions of historical records – directly to the relevant profiles in your family tree. 
Our Record Matching technology already provides accurate matches of historical records to family tree profiles and when a match is confirmed, or pending confirmation, the record appears on that individual’s family tree profile. Our new “Save Records” feature takes this one step further and enables you to save any record that you find on SuperSearch, to one or more profiles in your online family tree on MyHeritage.

Have ancestors you want to learn more about? Search for them in SuperSearch, or click on the research icon on any family tree profile, and save any relevant records that you discover directly to their family tree profile.
All three of the large online database/family tree programs,, and, now have a way to incorporate source records directly into their online family trees by including information to identify the source and, in most cases, additional information linking the source directly to the individual record. I will refer you to the blog post for details of their new feature.

Automated searches are a boon to genealogical time pressures. The time savings in searching multiple records can be impressive. Adding the capability to save the records that are found directly to an individual in your family tree adds another level of time saving and convenience.

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