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Friday, September 13, 2013

Bits and Pieces from FamilySearch 13 September 2013

I guess FamilySearch finally assigned a few people to write Blog posts. I keep getting at least one a day, sometimes more. Here is a summary of the latest news (with comments, of course) from FamilySearch:

This would be a really good idea, depending on the number of people in a "rest home." The only problem is that they are now called Assisted Living Centers, Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes, Life Care Centers, or at the worst Care Centers. I don't know of one establishment in Phoenix that calls itself a rest home anymore. Each of those designations has a slightly different connotation. In Assisted Living and Retirement Centers, the people are usually more functional than the other designations. Good idea anyway. 

I reviewed many of these in previous posts. I haven't seen any further discussion of the issues so I guess we can move on to other things. 

This is really the same thing as the previous post, but just a different statement by FamilySearch.

This probably doesn't mean much to any who does not go to the Family History Library regularly. But it has a huge impact on the volunteers and research consultants working at the Library. 

FamilySearch provides a researched family history to visiting dignitaries from time to time. I think it is also a really good idea. 

I am impressed with the response to the Photos section of the website. It adds a lot to the information available. I just wish there was a way to eliminate duplicates put in by others and also that the program required some sort of explanation about where the photos came from and how definite the identifications are.

This is a must read post for anyone who is working with FamilySearch Family Tree. I appreciate the clear explanation about the status of living people in the Family Tree. 

This is a weekly message and the fact that these announcements get very little attention is an indication of the extent to which we have become accustomed to millions of records going online every day. 

This is an introduction to a booklet aimed at the youth. 

Well that wraps up another week or so of FamilySearch. Thanks for stopping by.

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