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Thursday, February 6, 2014

3000 Posts

Sometime today when I do a couple of more posts, I will pass the 3000th post mark. When I started all this back in 2007, I would have been overwhelmed thinking about writing that much stuff. Well, you know the old saying about eating an elephant (not on my plans this week) that is same way this number of posts happens. In my presentation at RootsTech 2014 today about Blogging, I will tell how the most important part of the process of becoming a blogger is writing about something you are passionate about. I guess I am passionate about genealogy because that passion has kept me going for almost seven years of writing.

When I go back and read some of my very first posts, I can detect the lack of passion. One thing I hope I have learned is to let the passion show through into my writing. I am now seven years older and I suppose that helps some too. The total of 3000 will probably pass by without notice by most, but every thousand blog posts is another milestone and I have plenty to write about today. Let's see how much I get done before I am too tired to write today.


  1. Congrats on this milestone, James

    And thanks for your many great articles.


    1. Thanks Louis. Nice to see you here at RootsTech.

  2. I am living vicariously through you James. I'm a bit disappointed that only a few of the sessions are live streaming and I have to wait awhile for the next one. However, that being said, will you be able to take requests? Yea, I know you are up to your ears in your passion, however you are in the environment to find a few specialists that could, might, be able to help... long distance..when the time comes for a Hispanic conference in Tucson. I'm in the collecting info and people stage at this point in time. Also, I'm collecting books in Spanish and English for our West & North Tucson FamilySearch Center. I lived in Guadalajara, sponsored a bilingual family history symposium there and am getting all the materials I gathered from1995-2001 into some kind of order. If you could keep a list of names and contacts with their emails, I would appreciate it. If you see any vendors focusing on Hispanic research make note of them, too. Be assured that if you don't want to do this, I'd understand. But, as they say, if you don't ask, you don't receive. Have FUN.

  3. Congratulations James! :)
    It's lovely that you can celebrate your milestone on Rootstech, no? :D