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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

900 million new International records on

Here are some of the first results from the agreements made by with and the other large genealogical database companies:

Here is a second screen shot showing the bottom of the page:

The page goes on to illustrate the additional records added. If you go to the Card Catalog and sort the results by date added, you will see a list of all the new files added. Here is a screenshot of the first page, showing the card catalog listing for new files:

If you click on one of the new files, particularly those from the newly added countries, you can scroll to the bottom of the information screen and see the links to

We will likely see a lot more records added to the other large online databases in the near future. I am already seeing a dramatic increase in the number of automatic "shaky leaf" searches done by on my online Public Member Family Tree.

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