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Saturday, February 8, 2014

#RootsTech 2014 -- Walking, Talking and now Writing

I am definitely losing my voice. I used to be able to talk all day and into the night, but apparently not so much now. I realize I haven't put out my usual quota of posts, but that will happen soon. I have so much to write about. One of the perks of writing so much is that I get to talk to a lot of people. I love to talk and so that is a very good thing. But all this talking has severely cut into my writing time. OK, all that said. No excuses, just reality.

My overall impression of the Conference is that it is extremely well run this year. The problems of the past years with congestion and crowding in the halls and elevators are gone. The venue is almost perfect. The schedule this year online did a good job of advising attendees about the level of expertise of the different classes, but it seems almost impossible to please everyone. I talked to a first time attender and she was happy overall with the Conference but still found that classes were either over her head or too basic. I guess that this is a problem that will always be there. Personally, because I had so many people to talk to, I did not have time for too many classes after the first day or so. But the reports I got were very good.

Well, all good things must end and it has a been a marvelous experience for me. Once I travel back to Mesa, I will be examining a lot of the details and events. I had a good opportunity to talk to several new and old companies in depth about their business. It is time to get busy again.

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