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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Legacy Family Tree 8 Certified by FamilySearch

While at #RootsTech 2014, I looked at the list of Certified Third-party products from and found that Legacy Family Tree from Millennia Corporation was finally listed. I knew they had been working on certification for some time and was wondering when it would happen. I then received the following press release from Legacy Family Tree as follows:
Legacy Family Tree receives Tree Share Certification from FamilySearch
We are pleased to announce that our Legacy Family Tree software has received "Tree Share" certification from FamilySearch, and is now the only genealogy software to be both FamilySearch Family Tree certified and include built-in Research Guidance to help researchers continue their efforts even beyond FamilySearch. 
What is FamilySearch Family Tree? 
FamilySearch Family Tree is the latest offering from FamilySearch which helps researchers to publish and share their genealogical findings and collaborate with others. It is free and available to everyone. 
Legacy Family Tree makes the experience of working with FamilySearch Family Tree easier by letting you share information back and forth between the two (completely optional). For LDS users, Legacy adds the ability to more easily keep track of the additional information and ordinance reservation. 
What is Legacy's Research Guidance? 
When you have exhausted the resources of FamilySearch, Legacy's built-in Research Guidance takes you to the next step. It analyzes what is already known about your ancestor, and then builds a prioritized custom To Do List for you. It suggests the best records to help you solve your research problems, explains what you would expect in the new records, and points you to the right repository or website. Many of the suggestions even provide the specific call number at the Family History Library. For more information, watch the Research Guidance section of the Legacy for Beginners video here
How do I get started with Legacy's FamilySearch tools? 
If you do not yet have Legacy 8, download the free edition (FamilySearch tools are available at no charge) or purchase the Deluxe edition
If you already have Legacy 8 on your computer, click on the link in the Updates section of the Legacy Home tab or click here
After installing the update, look for the FamilySearch button in your main toolbar. If it is not there after installing the next update, go to Options > Customize > General Settings > FamilySearch to turn it on.
I haven't had time to try this out yet, but hope to get to the link soon.

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