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Sunday, February 9, 2014

#RootsTech 2014 -- Overall impression and what can you get out of it?

My overall impression of RootsTech 2014 is very positive. Here are some of the areas where I saw marked improvement over past years:

  • The larger venue with better access in the Salt Palace made a huge difference
  • Using the Salt Palaces registration area and the computerized registration process was far better than past years
  • The food service was more available and accessible
  • The mood of the Conference changed for the better as there were significantly more paticipants
  • I enjoyed seeing children and huge crowds of younger attendees on Saturday mixed into the Exhibit floor
  • Everything seemed to proceed more smoothly. This may be due to experience, but it was nice in any event
  • There were a larger number of vendors and the product showing area was enlarged and more prominent
  • The vendors had more efficient booths and space
  • The areas for the classes accommodated most who desired to attend in most cases
  • The Media Hub operated very well and efficiently
  • Having more open space allow more interaction between the attendees
  • I really liked the Keynote speakers, but I am wondering how you can top this year's
  • I noticed the bags for the attendees had a tendency to break, especially the loop at the top. Perhaps look for a better quality vendor in that area.

I may think of some more, but that is a start. Well, RootsTech 2014 is not going to get off without some suggestions for improvement:

  • The videoed classes should be made available to all attendees online on the RootsTech website but preferably on YouTube 
  • There should be a better way to announce and or show the upcoming vendor area presentations, perhaps a computer sign of some kind, the paper list didn't work very well
  • If possible, the vendors should be grouped according to subject area, societies near societies, story and photo people together etc.
  • There should be a better maps to find the vendors and more of them. The printed copies had tiny little numbers that were hard to see
  • The music was too loud in the main conference Hall E
  • There should be more signs pointing to restrooms
  • There could be a better selection of conference hotels and earlier in the registration process
  • They could warm up the weather in Salt Lake :-)

Now to what anyone, anywhere who is interested can get out of the conference:

  • Watch the online videos on YouTube and the website
  • Go through the syllabuses for the classes
  • Read the blog posts being made online from the bloggers
  • Plan to come next year
  • Talk up this years conference even if you couldn't attend

Thanks to all those who made this year's conference available.

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