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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Saving Memories Forever -- #RootsTech Developers Challenge Winner

The winner of the Developers' Challenge at #RootsTech 2014 was Saving Memories Forever. Quoting from the website:
Saving Memories Forever is a system that consists of an app and a website. The app provides great mobility for interviewing and easy uploading to a secure and private storage on the website. The app also gives you the opportunity to announce your newly recorded story thru Facebook. Listen to your recorded and uploaded stories on the website.Also use the website to share and “manage” your stories. 
The features of the system are determined by the level of membership. Saving Memories Forever is available as a Free Membership or as a Premium Subscription.
I have been familiar with the program for sometime and have had several opportunities to talk to the developers over the past couple of years. I am an advocate of preserving oral history. When I was a lot younger and my parents were alive, I tried unsuccessfully to get them to record their life stories. Finally, as an attorney, I had access to Court Reporters, so one day I ordered up a deposition and had both my mother and father come in, separately, and I asked them questions about their lives and had the Court Reporter record the entire interview. I then had the transcript printed and now have copies of their life stories. I think that working with a program such as Saving Memories Forever would have been a lot easier on all of us and less expensive than paying a Court Reporter.

I will have more to say about this program in the near future. I am finally getting caught up from #RootsTech 2014 and will be back to normal shortly (whatever normal is).

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