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Monday, February 17, 2014

StoryPress -- an audio storytelling platform

One of the more developed newer programs at #RootsTech 2014 turned out to be StoryPress. The website is much more feature-full than many of the startups and the concept seems more developed. As I got into the program, it seems that they have been around now for a couple of years. Here is a description of the program from a post on on 10 December 2012:
When trying to capture and preserve the stories of his grandmother, StoryPress creator Mike Davis saw the opportunity to create an intuitive storytelling platform that uses today’s technology to help transform spoken stories into collections of audio books. StoryPress prompts the creation process by walking users through the steps and customizable elements like cover imagery and title, then on to recording stories through one of two modes – interview mode, which guides storytelling via preloaded themes and questions, and dictation mode, which enables a freestyle option to develop stories. Once audio books are completed, users can upload to a personal StoryPress Library housed on the application, as well as the web interface where stories can be shared via email or social media channels, and where additional images can be added. Within the web interface, stories can also be socialized and followed within the StoryPress community, introducing an exciting way for storytellers to inspire others.
StoryPress is a free app for iPads and Android Tablets and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and from the Google Play Store for Android.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, James! It was a pleasure speaking with you at RootsTech and we look forward to keeping you and your blogging community updated as StoryPress 2.0 comes down the line in the coming months. We hope to hear some of your photography stories!