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Thursday, February 6, 2014

#RootsTech 2014 -- Update on #MyHeritage

Presentation by Uri Gonen on New Inventions and Product Improvements on MyHeritage.  I missed the first five minutes of the class due to walking so far to classes. Uri showed the details of Record Detective on Apparently, some of the records from the FamilySearch Historical Records Collections have already been accessed by and added to their collections.

I will pick up with Extract Record. This feature is for saving, copying and extracting records from the family tree. Once you find a record in Record Match or Record Detective and Confirm the Record Match and then click on Continue. You then get a side-by-side view of the information in the record and can decide if you want to copy that information to your own family tree. If there is a conflict in the information, you will need to decide which information is correct.

Now, when you get the point of extracting the information from the record, you may be give the option to examine additional records

It appears that the Record Detective results have been extended even further than they have been previously. For some users, there will be an over abundance of wealth of sources Once you have decided which items of information need to be extracted to your record, you confirm the extraction and the information is copied to the individual in the tree.

Implied Household Relationships
The issue is identifying people who may be members of the household but have different names. The program will look at all the relationships in all of the records from the implied relationships found in one record, such as a census. The implied matches are based on name similarities and the right ages in the family. If you add new information to your family tree it will put the records on the Record Matching radar.

Search Historical Records by Location
Designed to allow people to target records from a user's particular country. The link on a map at the bottom of the search form to narrow the search by country. This feature works essentially as a filter allow the user to drill down into the records.

New in Family Tree Builder
Full bi-directional sync with the online tree. You can also view and edit the tree in mobile devices. All of the links to all of the records are saved to Family Tree Builder.

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